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MXF Converter Review Blog - List of All Popular Video converter which can convert MXF on Mac and Windows (Both Free and Shareware included)

There are many video converter software can convert MXF videos now, Here is a brief review of software I have test which can convert .MXF on windows and Mac os.

Freeware compared  with shareware, most freeware has many addons, ads, and combined software installed to your computer without any notice or in a hidden way. Shareware do not have above mentioned flaws, but shareware's video converter quality differ from brands. some shareware's quality in converting MXF may worse than freeware which has high price to purchase whereas not worth a penny at all.

After a whole day of test all video converter which can convert MXF video files, I came to the following conclusion:

Shareware -Worth to purchase Aiseesoft MXF converter:

(I doubt other software like tipard mxf converter, anymp4 mxf converter, 4easysoft MXF converter may come frome the same company with different brands campaign, either of them is Ok).
This MXF converter is outstanding in its codec settings and convert MXF to iMovie, FCPX and Adobe premiere Pro import profile settings supported.
(User can re-set Video Encoder, Frame Rate, Resolution, Aspect Ratio, Video Bitrate, audio settings and 3D settings.

 Other shareware do not worth to purchase list:

Pavtube MXF converter, bigasoft MXF converter, borosoft MXF converter, Leawo

other video converter software also can be considered to use:
 iskysoft, daniusoft, wondershare, xilisoft, imtoo (which has higher price than aiseesoft MXF converter).

 Freeware: which can convert MXF list
1. Freemake video converter:This software by default install many other useless software and secretly send private information, which need cautions to install.
                          1-1:  (Unchecked Help Make Freemake software better by automatically sending anonymous usage statistics and crash reports to Freemake ) 

                                      2-1: Check "I do not accept"

2-3: Unchecked  I accepted the terms of Tuneup utilities
2-4: set as the follow image shows:
As can be seen, Freemake intall 2 other software and explorer bar by default which has nothing to do with converting MXF, even though the free software itself can convert MXF. another flaw of this video converter lies in its no video/audio codec parameter settings compared  with aiseesoft MXF converter.
Other Freeware similar like Freemake is Handbrake, which is totally green, but this software crash sometimes. short back:  1) Doesn't run on a GPU, which would be 10x faster 2) Crashed 3 times in a row. Uninstalling. 3) This software is a piece of shee-yit. 4) So is the high-school kid who wrote it. -faye kane girl brain

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  1. I tried it. That's okay! Useful software. And I would like to recommend a really fantastic converter: Aunsoft TransMXF Pro for Mac
    It's the best converter I've ever seen. Maybe you can have a try. It will be rewarding, I think!